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Wireless Networking

Power and Data

Power and Data
Total Business Group’s Wi-Fi solutions provide wireless connectivity for every environment. Wi-Fi is fast becoming a workplace necessity with ever more devices allowing wireless connections and with many companies having BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies.

“Is there someone looking over your shoulder and reading your newspaper?” Annoying, right? They should buy their own and stop freeloading off you? But what if someone is already freeloading - less obvious, less visible, but still abusing your finances nevertheless! Is there someone tapping into your wireless network?

How secure is your Wireless Network?
Let us at Total Business Group make sure that you’re money is being spent on YOUR business alone and not propping up someone else’s.

“If a job is worth doing...”
If that’s not a good reason enough – why not let us set up a modern network that is extremely secure and is as robust and stable as hardwired network connection, that can deliver voice and data connectivity to multiple sites

“We set our wireless connection up like we did at home. It worked to an extent, but Total Business Group’s set up is SO much better and secure” - J Lees, Domiciliary Care Company  

Our friends become your friends
Working alongside Cisco, Ubiquiti and HP allows us to deliver high end systems into almost any environment.

“I think that we expected to know what we were doing, but that proved not to be the case. Knowing that our wireless network has been set up and is running properly is wonderful.” - R Eggington, Architectural Metal Façade Company 

Wireless within your grasp
Surprisingly, a modern secure network is not as expensive as you might think.

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