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Ethernet First Mile (EFM)


Doesn’t every business reach that stage somewhere along the journey, they are not sure what size they are, what choice to make and which step to take forward? We at Total Business Group encounter that a lot from the SME’S we help.

“We need Leased Line but don’t think we are big enough yet”
And that’s why we offer Ethernet First Mile (EFM) perfect for fast evolving small to medium sized businesses looking to take the next step with a high capacity and reliable service but not quite ready to take on a leased line.

“If you’re thinking about it – you’ve arrived”
EFM uses fixed-band connectivity to provide a high speed service and is the most cost effective option for SME’s who are ready to take the next step to exchange large volumes of data.

Uncontended Adjective: uncontended (not comparable)
  • Not contended.

“No competition – no traffic”
With an uncontended EFM line, your business has the ability to implement remote working, VOIP systems, video conferencing, and most importantly faster internet connections throughout the business.

“EFM is perfect for our size business. Cheers TBG” - B Marchant, Corporate Workwear Company 

“Is it for you?”
Although EFM is cheaper than a Leased Line option availability is down to geographical location as in some place it just isn’t possible.

“Total Business Group wouldn’t just sell you something for the sake of it. They give you very honest advice” - K Scott, Durham Diocesan 
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