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Take away all of the stress of setting up the most suitable internet connections for your business and let Total Business Group set up your Broadband connection properly.
“One Stop Shop”
With our Managed Broadband Services we provide the support and advice that your business requires from setting up the connections, installing and setting up secure networks to ensure that you can work efficiently and effectively in the knowledge that your business connections are completely secure.
“Rosemary the telephone operator?”
…Or remember Henry, the mild mannered janitor? Total Business Group can’t offer you Rosemary, but we can offer our professional helpdesk team who “when the going gets tough” work in conjunction with the engineers “who are super tough” to get you connected and ready for business with a “Hong Kong Phooey Chop” and reliable internet connectivity with high speed connections.
“Quicker than the human eye”, “Concentrate on what you do best” And leave us to set up your connection, router AND manage all your renewals as and when they happen.
“It is common sense that in this day and age; a businesses internet connection is THE most important part of growth. There was no question, we had to get Total Business Group to set ours up properly” - G Peck, Specialist Sea Shell Processing Company 
“This is what we do”
We don’t offer advice to Bakers on how to bake bread, or Builders on how to lay bricks. Nor do we plumb our own kitchen or fix our own cars! We get specialists in to do what they do best. That’s what makes us one of the North East’s Leading IT specialists – we use our vast experience and knowledge doing what WE do best!
“One call away” Come on! Stop spreading yourself too thin and concentrate on what you’re good at, running your business! Give us a call.


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