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Sage Backup

Back up

Back up
Total Business Group’s Sage Online Backup (for Sage 50 Accounts and Payroll) is a simple, automatic and secure way of protecting your Sage Line 50 and payroll data.

“I can’t even get a pint of beer for £1.60”
Yet that is the weekly cost from Total Business Group to secure you accounts and payroll with Sage Online Backup.

“We thought that there must be some hidden costs: £1.60 per week just seemed too cheap! But no, that’s how much we pay for Sage Backup to secure all of our accounts and payroll with Total Business Group. Incredible really”

- N Winch Private Security Company 

“Who’s going to tell the employees?”
That they’re not getting paid this week because the accounts and payroll data has been lost? Good luck with that one!

“Who’s turned out the lights?”
When your suppliers find out that they are not being paid because you don’t know how much you owe them?

“But!...Your clients will love it!”
When they find out that they won’t be invoiced this month because you’ve lost their invoice details. Ouch!

“Hold On! Did you say £1.60 per week?” - Yes we did! “How does it work?”
Like all of our other backup solutions your sage data is securely stored away in the cloud ready to be retrieved by you at a moment’s notice should an issue occur.

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