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Recovery Cloud Backup

Back up

Back up

Recovery Cloud Backup has grown to become one of the most essential elements of Total Business Group’s IT services, especially since the relatively recent bad weather, rainstorms and subsequent flooding.

(Definition) [bak-uhp]

  • a person or thing that supports or reinforces another.
  • a person, plan, device, etc., kept in reserve to serve as a substitute, if needed.
  • a copy or duplicate version, especially of a file, program, or entire computer system, retained for use in the event that the original is in some way rendered unusable.

“Only regret the things you didn’t do!”
Our cloud based service is both a precautionary, time and cost saving service designed to give you the utmost peace of mind at an extremely affordable rate. On a daily basis we take a full copy of all of your business data and store it up in the cloud.
“We didn’t want to wait to find out that all of our data had been lost, so we acted before it happened. Total Business Group’s Recovery Cloud Backup lets us get on with our jobs without worry about what might happen.”
- B Marchant Corporate Workwear Company 

“Don’t worry!”
If and when there is a disaster, you simply let us know and we will recover all of your data in full within a couple of hours. Your data is accessible from anywhere with an internet collection, so if the business itself has suffered a fire or flooding we can guarantee that you can continue to drive your business forward without skipping a beat.
“Secure and Safe”
Our cloud based recovery also uses government grade encryption so that sensitive data remains completely protected.

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