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Critical Data Backup

Back up

Back up

Critical Data Backup is our own flexible package that really helps smaller businesses thrive without the worry and silly costs.

"To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect."
- Oscar Wilde

“Vive la différence!”
Difference is good - difference is credible and should be celebrated. That’s why, unlike many IT companies - here at Total Business Group we offer completely tailored solutions with our Critical Data Backup as we realise that one size does not fit all.

“Peanut butter and Ham”
We all have different tastes and needs and that’s why our Tailored service allows companies to pick and choose which data they would like to backup and how often.

“I work for myself and could never afford to employ someone to do this although it is essential for the security and growth of my business. The guys at Total Business Group let me choose a solution that I could afford”

- L Thwaites Bookkeeper. 

"Size Does Matter!"
This package is ideal for smaller businesses, one-man bands and newly formed companies who are unable to afford a more inclusive solution but need peace of mind.

“Safe in the hands of Total Business Group”
We haven’t lasted this long and become one of the North East’s leading IT specialists without trust and understanding. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and single mindedness to help our clients.

“When I set up my business I very quickly realised that I’d be in big trouble if I lost my data. I thought I couldn’t afford a service as good as this until Total Business Group stepped in.”

R Eggington Architectural Metal Façade Company. 

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